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The Fundamentals of Data-Driven Employer Branding.

Knowledge is power. We are surrounded by volumes of data,
but its value is often left untapped and unrefined.

Kalibrr helps our clients to tap into the power of data to transform their employer brand. We strive to assist our clients in understanding the current talent landscape and how their company is perceived as the right place to build a rewarding career.

With our extensive talent database and candidate network, you will have a trusted business partner and access to reliable, quality, and measurable data sources that will enable you to shape your Employer Value Proposition and match your communication strategy with the right talent.

Discover whether your brand resonates with your audience.
Kalibrr is here to help you elevate your unique values.
Our Case Study

Siloam Hospitals
needs to build their digital talent capabilities


The ripples of digitalisation do not solely affect technology companies. Traditional industries like healthcare are also feeling the heat to overcome present-day hurdles and to better serve their customers. Siloam Hospitals, one of the pioneers of Indonesia’s health development, strives to pave its footprint in tech. To do so, it needs to build its digital talent capabilities, but first, it must understand what motivates a highly demanding yet scarce group of candidates to choose to work for a company and to determine their motivation to work specifically in healthcare.


In 2018, Siloam Hospitals looked to Kalibrr for assistance in defining their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) for its flourishing digital business. At the time, startups and tech companies were believed to be the popular choice for digital talent due to the prevalent culture of change. Siloam wished to change the perception that healthcare is a legacy sector that is not adapting to the digital era. They wanted to showcase the real freedom of technological innovation that exists within their organisation.

Our Approach and Results:

To be able to create a compelling EVP, Kalibrr helped to identify and analyse the current market perception of Siloam Hospitals and the health-care industry in general. We adopted a holistic approach to our research, surveying 100 jobseekers with IT backgrounds from top public and private universities. We measured the strength of the brand and identified insights into the jobseekers’ motivations, preferences, and challenges in starting their careers. Not only targeting the external population, Kalibrr also delved deeper to understand how the company nurtured its talent and discovered what the current employees valued most about working at Siloam.

We utilised this combination of data to identify Siloam Hospitals strengths and the gaps that needed to be addressed. The cross-analysis of management, internal, and external results led Kalibrr to find a strategic perspective that was shared with the management of Siloam Hospitals. A communication plan and an overarching tagline to encapsulate the newly identified values were presented and became the new foundation of their employer brand.

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