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but how we collect and convey those stories is of the utmost importance. With the right strategy and narrative, these stories become a powerful tool and offer a valuable window into what a candidate should expect once they join your company.

Kalibrr strives to discover these unique, genuine stories and expose them to the talent market. Our storytelling approach helps companies share their values and culture through engaging and seamless narratives. From content planning, interviewing, to publishing articles, we have it all covered.

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Our Case Study

Bank Central Asia’s
Account Officer/Relationship Officer Roles


The role of marketing is an essential pillar of the banking industry. As the backbone of the business, those working in marketing are instrumental in building bridges between the business and its clients. Bank Central Asia recognised this and wanted to emphasise the importance of the PAO/PRO role as a vital and notable role of the company which offers skills development and promising career paths.

BCA wanted to make excellent young talent more aware of positions in marketing and the accompanying benefits, so that the talent will apply to become a part of the company. To achieve this they needed to share the exciting news about this position and nurture the interest of future marketeers.


In early 2019, BCA reached out to Kalibrr to create online articles that highlight its PAO/PRO program. BCA wanted to break the stigma of the often-held impression that banks maintained a rigid work culture and that working as a salesperson was not an attractive proposition. Instead, it wanted to convey that working as an officer in BCA would be a valuable learning experience that would offer up a variety of benefits for millennials. Ultimately, BCA wanted to show that the role of the marketer is the right fit and the right place for candidates to propel their career.

Our Approach and Results:

Kalibrr created engaging articles written in a youthful and relatable tone suitable for BCA’s intended millennial audience. We proposed a plan to follow one of its top performing employees in order to have an insight into her daily life working as an AO/RO. By following the reality of the employee’s daily activities we could observe the dynamics and the family-like work culture that she experienced throughout her tenure. This real story turned out to be very valuable and became the key selling point in the article.

The article was a hit, leading to a huge number of applicants from the intended demographic. Providing this insight into the way of working at BCA not only helped the bank to be a top-of-mind company among young professionals, but also its positive messages became ingrained among final year students. Kalibrr successfully presented the excellent image of BCA to a wider but more targeted audience.

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