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As candidates increasingly rely on doing research online, every touchpoint is an opportunity to reveal your employer brand.

Your website is one of your most resourceful assets. Nevertheless, it might be hard for candidates to find specific details about your campaigns and events at your existing company website. Adding new information about activities beyond job vacancies might require complex decision-making and time-energy investment. For this reason, a microsite is your best alternative.

Microsites are essentially, as the name implies, smaller sites that can exist within or separately from a broader site URL, your company’s career site. Microsites can be used to communicate specific messages but can still retain your company’s identity, so you will have greater flexibility on what materials and content you want to include.

Equipped with people who are experienced in the field of visual communication design, we will create for you a high quality and user-friendly microsite that represents your company as the right place to build a career.
Our Case Study

Telkomsel Tech Titans League

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Telkomsel wanted to adapt its company branding to reflect a modern and tech-savvy company that is open to change in the digital era. It aims to promote its company as a technology-friendly career place for Indonesian talent. Considering the current trends and interest in the field of IT, Kalibrr collaborated with Telkomsel to create a nation-wide technology competition called Telkomsel Tech Titans League. Telkomsel wanted to emphasise the company values to the IT talent and show it is open to ideas and innovations to develop a better digital environment in Indonesia.


Trusted by Telkomsel to manage the end-to-end event management of Telkomsel Tech Titans League, we began to build a microsite which would help candidates have a better understanding of the competition. Fully designed and developed by Kalibrr, the microsite aimed to be a one go-to place for candidates to obtain the information that they needed regarding the competition. Every content published on the microsite had to be aesthetically presented and informative.

Our Approach and Results:

Building the microsite from scratch, Kalibrr had the opportunity to determine the key visual elements that would be displayed. Reducing the written content, we focused on creating a modern design that would represent the digital vibe of the competition. We aimed to build an informative, refined and user-friendly microsite to support an excellent candidate experience for Telkomsel Tech Titans League 2020.

The microsite was launched in September 2020 and had an outstanding performance over the period of the event. The site attracted a total number of 8,390 total visits and 5,922 unique visitors, all achieved within the period of three months.

Up to this day, T3L’s microsite www.telkomseltechtitans.com is still live, in preparation for the next exciting online challenges that will be happening in 2021.

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