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Indonesia’s social media activity has grown exponentially over recent years,
so naturally, social media is the place to be to promote your company’s exciting recruitment campaigns and events.

Kalibrr is a one-stop shop social media strategist. We help you plan and create your talking points, pick the most suitable channels, target the right audience, and track your campaign performance. Our team has a wealth of experience managing campaigns that yield the most optimal results. It’s not just about having an online presence—it’s about building engagement.

Expand your outreach and capture your candidates’ attention. Experience an increasing number of job applicants and growing attendances at your events.
Our Case Study

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia's
Graduate Trainee Program


Some positions require a high volume of applicants for comparison in order to find that one perfect fit. Formerly known as Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) Indonesia's Graduate Trainee Program is no stranger to that. This leading FMCG company wanted to hire Indonesia’s top fresh graduates to join them through mass recruitment. There were several available positions requiring different qualifications, so, CCEP needed to have as much exposure as possible in order to fulfil company needs.


CCEP shared its concerns to Kalibrr regarding the need to attract a high volume of applicants. The task was then centered on how we could disseminate information in a way that still highlighted CCEP’s employer brand. Kalibrr did not only focus solely on attracting as much attention as possible, but we also had to make sure that the message was accurately tailored and would receive a positive reception.

Our Approach and Results:

Our first task was to align our communication plan with CCEP’s brand guideline in order to ensure consistency with its other marketing campaigns. We paid great attention to the tone, communication style, and how to combine both to create a campaign that would attract the right talent on a very large scale.

We proposed several designs and copywriting to conduct an A/B testing. Within a week we monitored and identified the best performing type of post in terms of reach, impression, and engagement. The best performing post was then optimised for the remainder of the campaign.

As Kalibrr kept the delivery of the campaign on track, by the end of the campaign it succeeded in fulfilling every metric, even exceeding CCEP’s expectations. The campaign reached more than 800,000 people and attracted nearly 12,000 reactions in the span of one month. This in turn drove the number of job applications for its GTP recruitment beyond its internal target. Together with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia we created opportunities and offered dream career paths for our great talent.

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