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A candidate’s value and skills are often not truly reflected in their CV, so assessments have become an essential tool to measure the level of their competencies and capabilities.

However, as the Covid-19 pandemic has created an obstacle preventing companies and candidates from meeting and conducting assessment activities, remote assessment has become the way forward.

Kalibrr is here to help you transition your hiring process to the digital experience. We provide comprehensive assessment and skill tests, design a systematic test journey, and most importantly ensure the security, validity, and reliability of the testing. We are ready to help you assess the candidate, understand their competencies, and filter accurately the best talent for your company.

Take the leap to the online candidate assessment experience with us.
Our Case Study

Unilever U-Fresh Online Test


Unilever Indonesia receives a high volume of applications every year for all its job opportunities, including its prestigious Unilever Future Leaders’ Program. This program, which is aimed at aspiring young people interested in kick-starting their career, attracted hundreds of candidates. As the number of positions was limited, Unilever needed to carefully filter the applications to choose the best candidates to join this exciting program.


To fulfil its needs, Unilever asked Kalibrr to manage its initial assessment process and provide a comprehensive report detailing each candidate’s test results. It was Kalibrr’s task to provide an assessment journey that was easy to follow as well as an assessment package that would measure the candidates objectively so that Unilever could hire not only the highest qualified candidates, but also the most suitable ones.

Our Approach and Results:

Taking an assessment can be a nerve-racking experience, therefore Kalibrr avoids imposing additional stress on the participants. It was our priority therefore to ensure that the process was smooth-sailing for everyone involved. We have guided over 3,000 candidates thus far in familiarising themselves with our platform and with the steps they need to understand to ensure that they are ready to tackle the test. On the eve of the test, we sent the confirmation form, test link and instructions by email to the candidates, then constantly reminded them to do the test based on the schedule.

Regarding the assessment itself, Kalibrr offered and utilised our aptitude test via Kalibrr platform. We adjusted the test based on the desired scoring standards so that the report could clearly provide comparisons and easy-to -understand results.

Based on our reports, Unilever Indonesia was able to decide on the best candidates to continue along the recruitment process. It is our stated aim to facilitate companies to connect with the highest quality talent and to help talent to find their dream career.

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