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The scope of Human Resources has expanded beyond talent acquisition. You are the brand ambassadors of your company’s culture. To showcase the strength of your employer brand you need visibility, clarity, and consistency. Hundreds of inspiring companies across industry trust Kalibrr to bring their employer brands to life.

Together we’ll help you become the brand of choice.
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OUR CLIENTS Our client list speaks for itself

Kalibrr is proud to have worked with a wide range of clients, from national government agencies to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, with the highest level of dedication and mutual trust at the heart of every engagement.

Every day we are devoted to ensuring our clients achieve great success, building long-term relationships that span years.

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Research and Strategy

What are the things you need to convey as an employer? As your company grows and the world changes, you need to identify how you can stay relevant and connect to your target candidates.

Leverage Kalibrr’s expert team to help you research, assess and develop first-class strategies to scale up and place your employer brand at the top of the ladder.

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Articles Writing

Every company and its employees have their own stories to tell, but how do we unearth and convey those stories? Equipped with our experienced team, Kalibrr can transform your stories and EVP into captivating narratives, both online and offline.

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Social Media Paid Campaigns

Having a presence in social media is a must, not only to build awareness of your company, but also to reach out to a bigger audience and spark word-of-mouth chatter. Express your employer brand messaging through an effective social media campaign. With Kalibrr you’ll get a complete package, from planning to execution, that will deliver results.

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Social Media Content Planning

Having difficulties planning and maintaining your own social media asset? Kalibrr can step in to plan a content that resonates with your target audience’s needs. Our storytelling approach helps you deliver your company’s values and culture while maintaining a two-way communication approach that keeps the candidates coming back to see your latest updates.

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Email Marketing

Emailing is indispensable in the modern world, hence a strong email marketing campaign remains an essential strategy to connect with top talent. Carefully crafted with personalised messaging and pleasing visuals, Kalibrr will help you communicate directly to your audience’s inbox so that future candidates will be very aware of your values.

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Video Productions

Are you launching a new brand identity, or do you simply want to show off your cool workplace? Create a video to present your company. Video is a great tool for sharing information and is also super-easy to consume, especially for on-the-go millennials and Gen-Z candidates. From scriptwriting to final editing, Kalibrr’s complete video production package will ensure social media shares and drive conversion to your vacancies.

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Public Relations

Trust and credibility are the foundations of your brand. Let Kalibrr manage your brand communication with external parties: with universities, student associations, mass media, and more. Be ready to enjoy broad exposure as the result of our well-integrated public relations efforts.

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Career Page Development and Revamp

How do candidates get to know your company better? Through your career website.

Kalibrr helps design, develop, and maintain your customised career page. Our team will help you create an amazing candidate journey. Own a career website that is uniquely yours.

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Microsite Development

Having trouble creating a page on your company website for your new and exciting programs? No need to worry - Kalibrr can help build an all-new and user-friendly microsite for your programs.We’ll capture your program’s brand messaging in a tailor-made website that can be integrated back into your main company website. Provide a unique experience for your candidates now.

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Remote hiring shouldn’t limit your understanding of your candidates’ true competencies. Our online assessment package will help you invent a systematic test journey for your recruitment process that will uncover the candidates’ true skills and qualifications. Introduce a seamless assessment process that provides candidates with a positive experience now.

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Event Activations

Events activations are the platforms whereby your company representatives meet directly with your audience. Through online and offline channels, Kalibrr can help produce end-to-end planning and execution. Boost your company’s attractiveness and recognition level while ensuring a seamless and exciting experience with our team.

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The best impression can be given to your target audience through a multi-sensory approach. Let your candidates see, touch, and feel your company’s value through Kalibrr-produced tangible merchandising. Get yours now and give them an unforgettable experience!

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