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If you want to make your message appear lively and more dynamic, video is the medium of choice.

Video can deliver your EVP using real situations, so your audience will gain a clear picture of the look and feel of your workplace, immersing themselves in the employee experience pictured in your video. Video is also one of the most shareable multimedia, online and offline. It is imperative for companies to own their compelling employer brand video and stay top-of-mind.

We capture the story of your employer brand and add our creative process to deliver it in the most optimal and engaging way. From event promotional and testimonial videos, company profile, and recruitment-related videos, our production team will handle end-to-end audio-visual media creation.

Leave the heavy lifting to our team. We’ll take care of the A to Z of your employer brand video production.
Our Case Study

Generali Indonesia


A video that captures the reality of a company plays an important role in influencing candidates’ decisions, especially when attracting candidates from a talent pool in a highly competitive market. Generali Indonesia, one of the leading insurance companies worldwide, realised the importance of video for its recruitment and planned to create a brand-new asset that could be shared during campus visits and recruitment roadshows. As an insurance company, however, they felt that Generali Indonesia rarely reflected a youthful image, whereas on the contrary they needed to attract fresh young minds to join them.


To alter the image of working in what is perceived as a ‘legacy’ company, Kalibrr assisted Generali Indonesia in producing its employer brand video. The company wanted to highlight the fun working environment, open culture, and benefits of working in Generali, characteristics which most young talent find attractive according to our research. Our surveys with the company’s internal team also concluded that these characters reflected some of Generali’s strengths. Kalibrr therefore had an accurate reference from which to produce the video.

Our Approach and Results:

We decided to create a catchy script and storyboard that highlighted the fun working environment, open culture, and the opportunities an employee would enjoy when working at Generali. Before we developed the overall storyboard, we decided to conduct a location survey to research which part of the office we wanted to highlight. We also chose a young talent that would be representative of Generali’s employees to support the brand Generali wanted to showcase. On approval, we shot the video inside Generali Indonesia’s offices to show the facilities, reflect the environment, and provide a real picture of what it is like to work for Generali. We wanted to underline that Generali is the right place for a young talent to work.

After shooting the video, we went through the post-production phase to carry out the audio-visual editing process in order to make the video more interesting and snappier. The final video released really encapsulates what Generali stands for: to become the Life Partner for its employees.

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