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Every communication channel matters and is
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Email marketing is no exception to this as it proves to be increasingly valuable to businesses looking to build strong, direct relationships with their target talent pool. Sending a personalised message directly to a candidates’ inbox is an effective way to make them aware of your employer brand and attract their interest, leading to higher conversion rates for your recruitment campaigns and events.

The Kalibrr team is ready to help you create a powerful message with relevant content and eye-catching visual descriptions for your marketing needs. Equipped with an extensive talent database across various backgrounds and professional experience, we will ensure your story is spread wide.

Maximise your employer brands. Put your stories into the candidate’s hands.
Our Case Study

Telkomsel Tech Titans League


Telkomsel Tech Titans League (T3L) is a program that was launched in 2020 and is the telco’s way of providing a platform for aspiring Indonesian tech talent to network, polish their skills, and learn digital trends from the experts. As a brand-new initiative, T3L needed intensive and integrated promotional strategies aimed at tech professionals and enthusiasts across Indonesia. Telkomsel strived to set a high bar in terms of attendance and awareness within T3L’s first three webinar series.


Telkomsel reached out to Kalibrr to conceptualise and manage its T3L Due to the prevalence of webinars in 2020, Telkomsel wanted to ensure that its T3L stood out and resonated far and wide among diverse tech talent. Its aim was to create a close-knit community of talent under Telkomsel’s wing based on values and mutual interest. Kalibrr’s responsibility was to focus on sparking interest and generating continuous audience participation from the ground up for this budding event.

Our Approach and Results:

We knew that building awareness and a brand for a new program required time. Kalibrr decided to manage three online competitions and webinar series as the T3L pilot. Throughout the timeline for these three series we strived to maintain continuous engagement with and feed relevant communication to tech experts and tech savvy audiences.

In order to stabilise and even increase the number of candidates, we created and launched email newsletter campaigns directed at our curated talent database and community partners. The newsletters consisted of three sections: introduction, reminder, and countdown. Adjusted to the audience persona, we created direct and stimulating messages supported with compelling key visuals that highlighted the prizes and benefits of joining the program.

By synergising our email campaign for each series, T3L attracted and maintained a high number of quality participants. Each of the three webinars was attended by more than 170 participants, who were actively engaged in discussion throughout. Among those who attended, an average 25% of the participants knew of T3L from our newsletter campaign, a testament to the importance of newsletter campaigns even in the age of social media.

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