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Your brand will allow external parties to have a real insight into your culture, which is essential when they decide upon which company they would like to join.

At Kalibrr, our service provides customised end-to-end event management that will make it easier for you to deliver your unique company values to both internal and external parties. We help you plan and manage various types of employer branding activations both online and offline, ranging from webinars, competition-based programs, hackathons, recruitment events, to educational workshops. We will ensure that your employer values proposition speaks through its events and activities.

Attract and manage your talent with our meticulous planning.Gain momentum with Kalibrr and we will thrive together.
Our Case Study

Competition Activation:
BCA Young HackR Hackathon


As one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, Bank Central Asia (BCA) is committed to its mission to nurture young digital talent and create solutions that bring positive changes to society. To achieve both missions, BCA planned to hold a hackathon focusing on HR-related fields. The hackathon was also aimed at conveying that BCA embraced Indonesia’s young aspiring talent in a trendy and youthful way. BCA wanted to be a place for IT talent to contribute and evolve their ideas through the BCA Young HackR Hackathon competition.


The purpose of BCA Young HackR Hackathon was to offer a memorable competition that provided a platform for training and fun activities and an arena for the finalists to compete and present their solutions. This program was also projected to accentuate BCA’s digital adoption and innovation. Through social media campaigns, video production, social media activation, and event management, BCA and Kalibrr aimed to spread the good news far and wide to the nation’s IT talent.

Our Approach and Results:

We strategised an end-to-end event management for BCA Young HackR Hackathon. Other than event management, we also helped BCA to raise the level of awareness of the Hackathon through social media campaigns and video production. Beginning with the launch of the promotional campaign, managing the applications, creating the case studies, through to Hackathon Day, we ensured that the finalists’ candidate experience was maintained at a high standard. As a result, we managed to receive a 4.4 / 5 satisfaction rating from the finalists. We were also able to obtain outstanding ideas and innovations from the 10 teams of finalists selected from hundreds of applications, which provided BCA with creative and out-of-the-box solutions.

Our Case Study

Recruitment Activations and Assessment Package:
Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia
One-Day Virtual Recruitment Process


With the rapid change in mass hiring amid the Covid-19 pandemic, companies need to adapt their recruitment approaches into processes that are more efficient and reliable. CCEP used to process its candidates within a one-day offline recruitment, but now it needs to create an entirely online-based activation that can accommodate safety regulations but will not sacrifice candidate experience and quality.


CCEP contacted Kalibrr to help them transform their offline hiring process into a One-Day Virtual Recruitment Process (ODVRP) that could accommodate its various test stages, including online tests and interviews, and thousands of candidates. At the end of each recruitment process, Kalibrr was expected to identify qualified candidates that were suitable for each position.

Our Approach and Results:

We strive to help our clients find the right recruitment journey for candidates and maintain a positive candidate experience. Supported by our readily available assessment package, we offered CCEP the opportunity to transform its recruitment process into entirely online-based recruitment. We managed the test administration process for the written test and collaborated with several qualified assessors to help screen the candidate applications during the various stages.

As we managed this end-to-end recruitment process, Kalibrr was also responsible for candidate management and administration. We helped CCEP to roll out the ODVRP by carefully creating a rundown, instructions, and the activities for each stage. Not only was CCEP able to find the most suitable talent, but the process was a thoroughly clear and comfortable process for the candidates.

Kalibrr succeeded in managing over 2,000 candidates over the span of three ODVRPs. We also received positive feedback from the candidates, noting how the whole recruitment process was seamless yet highly informative at every step of the way.

Our Case Study

Educational Activations:
Google-led Bangkit Academy


Designed to prepare students throughout Indonesia with in-demand soft-skills and tech certifications, Google-led Bangkit Academy’s curriculum offers interdisciplinary learning paths in the field of IT, such as Machine Learning, Mobile Development, and Cloud Computing. But, beyond its priority to cultivate tech and digital skills, the Academy also strives to educate its students with the fundamental soft skills needed to thrive in the workplace.

In 2019, Google collaborated with Kalibrr to help assist in preparing educational modules and workshops in the field of soft skills for the Academy’s students. In 2020, for the second time, Google also entrusted Kalibrr to create another 9 modules to help them deliver the materials to more than 3,000 students through the Kampus Merdeka Curriculum.


The overall goal for this program is that the students will be equipped with the tech expertise and soft skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce. The modules serve as preparation for the students to excel in their career, which is why all the modules need to be well-designed for students to easily and comprehensively understand various topics that will propel their career forward.

Our Approach and Results:

2021 is our second consecutive year collaborating with Bangkit. After our success in delivering 5 modules from the previous year, this year Kalibrr helped to develop a total of 9 learning modules which cover in depth topics such as soft skills and entrepreneurship. The 9 modules are Digital Branding, Time Management, Professional Communications, Adaptability, Critical Thinking, Idea Generation and MVP Planning, Business Finance, Startup Valuation and Investment Pitch.

We determined which soft-skill topics are crucial by conducting market research with recruiters and HR professionals to identify the most urgent skills required from the candidates. Upon the development of the modules, we selected experienced speakers to help deliver the classes and the materials via online and offline platforms. In addition, we also facilitated a professional teaching assistant to support the grading of students’ assessments. To complete the students’ learning process, we also produced a video for each module that the students could watch at their own pace.

Upon the delivery of all modules, we received an average of 4.4 out of 5 in students’ satisfaction towards our workshops. Being trusted for the second time by Google has truly become a testament to Kalibrr's ability to provide 5-star quality services to all our clients.

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