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Today, Indonesian candidates rely even more on digital channels
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According to Kalibrr’s Candidate Experience report in 2019, a company’s career site is the second-most visited channel by job seekers.

Not only are they turning to career sites for job postings, but it’s also where candidates are looking to unearth more information about an employer, its business and culture, and more importantly, about people’s stories.

Our service helps you to create a clear and compelling message throughout your career site. Our focus on candidate experience will ensure that your company continues to be connected with the candidates through the right design, infrastructure, and narratives.

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Our Case Study

Home Credit Indonesia

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As part of its larger employer branding revamp, Home Credit Indonesia (HCI) wanted to do a career site overhaul. It needed to shed the prevalent image that the financing industry was “old-school” and unattractive to the younger generation. It wanted to convey the message that HCI is a promising place to build a career with a variety of benefits and learning opportunities for its employees. To do that, HCI needed someone to breathe fresh air into its career site.


HCI entrusted Kalibrr to conceptualise, design, and build its new career site, which needed to encapsulate its new employer brand strategy. Kalibrr designed the site named “Empower to Innovate”. Kalibrr had to fulfil two objectives: first, to create a digitally friendly candidate experience, and secondly, to ensure that the content authentically represented the spirit to innovate of the company’s employees. The end goal of this exercise was two-fold: to increase the quality talent pool and reduce cost-to-hire.

Our Approach and Results:

HCI’s old website was text-heavy, but with little information about its culture or the considerable number of opportunities employees are exposed to as part of the HCI family. We know from our initial research that culture and opportunities were important issues for candidates. As a result, it was natural that Kalibrr removed the blocky texts, put culture and benefits at centre stage, and created a seamless reading and browsing experience for the visitor.

As soon as the website went live in April 2019, Kalibrr tracked the performance of the new career site. It attracted a huge audience, attracting 8,000 visits in its first month alone, which was a 68% increase in overall site visits. The success also translated to the 30.4% increase in the number of applications that HCI received within the first month of the site launch. HCI also enjoyed a high conversion rate that is well above the industry standard.

The Kalibrr-developed career site continues to be maintained to this date, which is a testament to our enduring and proven success in bringing life to a career site.

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