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The look. The touch. The product. The memories.

People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Sending merchandise to your audience will make them remember your approach for a long time.

Merchandise is needed to establish the brand identity that represents your company’s true voice. Branded merchandise will not only serve as a token of appreciation to your talent, but it will also attach an identity to your audience, which they will take as a badge of honour. In turn, it will create positive word-of-mouth chatter and impressions that are invaluable. A small sign of appreciation leads to a stronger brand. Our service helps you create a clear message through merchandising.

Together with our experienced, professional, creative team we will translate your employer brand through merchandise that reflects your company’s identity.
Our Case Study

Unilever Future Leaders’ League


At every Unilever Future Leaders’ League, Unilever intends to distribute merchandise to all the finalists that have successfully progressed to the decisive stage of the competition. Some of the merchandise items will be used or worn on the day of the event to represent the finalists’ identity as the chosen participants. The key here is to be unique and memorable—something which makes the finalists feel special. To do that, Unilever needed a trusted partner to help it develop the design, produce the end products, and distribute the merchandise to all the finalists.


Every year Unilever entrusts Kalibrr to conceptualise, design, and research the best materials for its UFLL merchandise. The merchandise should epitomise the UFLL’s identity, which is youthfulness, empowerment, excellence, and boldness. The purpose of this merchandise is to uniquely encapsulate the UFLL brand and reach the finalists’ hands in an excellent condition and in a safe manner.

Our Approach and Results:

We helped Unilever develop the design that epitomises its identity. Together with our creative team we made sure that each design for the merchandise was in line with its youthful, empowering, bold vibes and excellence. We also helped in searching for the best materials and delivery services that would deliver the merchandise to the finalists in a perfect condition.

We successfully delivered hundreds of packages of various Unilever merchandise, including lanyard, pouch, tote bag, stickers, notebook, t-shirt and the delivery box. The T-shirt was also one of the events’ highlights due to its unique and colorful design. The merchandise will become a tie that connects Unilever Indonesia with its participants for many years to come.

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