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Your company is a great place to work and you have built an amazing employer brand to support it. The question is, what do you have to show to your target candidates?

As candidates are becoming more digital and social media savvy, your EVP needs to take a social media form where characteristics are communicated authentically and truthfully. To support this, attractive visuals, catchy copywriting, and insightful content play an important role in delivering the messages, to the point where two-way interactions between you and the candidates come to life and contribute to your image.

Our team is committed to helping you develop content planning, key visual productions, and community management that elevates your employer brand. We create tailor-made content that is truly unique to your company.

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Our Case Study

Unilever Future Leaders’ League 2021


Driven by its mission to empower Indonesia’s youth, Unilever is committed to holding an annual event that equips its participants with leadership skills through a business case competition format called Unilever Future Leaders’ League (UFLL). Each year, UFLL presents a different brand as its case study. As every year presents a unique take on its UFLL brand, Unilever needs to convey different themes, visuals, and content to make each annual event truly one-of-a-kind.


Since 2018, Unilever has continued to collaborate with Kalibrr to handle its end-to-end content planning and creation for the program. During this process, the Kalibrr team has been involved in the key visual and copywriting development. Beyond just creating an eye-catching design, we wanted to ensure that the content could attract the interest of university students who will eventually decide to complete every step of UFLL’s registration process. As this was our 3rd year working with Unilever, it was an exciting challenge for us to top our results of the previous two years.

Our Approach and Results:

Last year’s UFLL collaborated with Unilever’s renowned ice cream brand, Wall's. We studied its brand guideline to create content that radiated happiness and the values that Wall's strives to promote. Combining tones that are bright and colourful with cheerful images was an exciting challenge for us, resulting in dynamic and youthful assets and captions that really captured Wall's and UFLL’s spirit. Based on this, we made three promotional visuals, consisting of one carousel, one video, and one single image. This content was used for three different purposes: launch, reminder, and countdown, all of which were used by Unilever on their Instagram account.

Year after year the Kalibrr team has fulfilled all our KPIs, resulting in more than 2,000 applicants every year from the visual content we created. Candidate engagement with Unilever’s social media is also among the highest. In addition to this string of successes, we have helped to ensure that Unilever remains top-of-mind among Indonesia’s university students. Through our content planning, Kalibrr has successfully helped to elevate Unilever’s brand to new heights.

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