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Building trust and credibility are crucial in terms of
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Whether to be mentioned in a community, in the news, or via top tier media, good PR coverage is essential for improving an employer brand's visibility and exposure, not just to your target candidates, but also to the public in general.

With Kalibrr’s extensive media network we can help you write and disseminate your employee experience stories and events across various top media outlets. Our experience in event management also enables you to hold your own press conferences and build relationships with journalists and media peers. Our qualified team will develop the content based on facts tailored to your company’s needs.

There is value to be reaped through PR. Expand your promotional channels further with Kalibrr.
Our Case Study

Unilever Future Leaders’ League 2021


Media relations was a part of the larger campaign we conducted to promote Unilever Future Leaders’ League (UFLL). Through its annual program to enhance Indonesian youth leadership skills, Unilever wanted to ensure that UFLL continued to have a strong media presence that appeared at the right time and the right place. The best media placement needs to be determined in terms of boosting awareness and increasing applications of the competition among its intended audience—university students.


UFLL 2021 is Kalibrr’s third consecutive year collaborating with Unilever to deliver end-to-end event management for this program. One of the services that we proposed was media planning activities, aimed not only at driving applications and fresh ideas but also to inform the broader public of Unilever’s longstanding commitment to nurture Indonesian talent. Unilever wants UFLL to be widely known to students throughout Indonesia by means of the most suitable media placement and excellent PR coverage.

Our Approach and Results:

To be able to achieve the objective, Kalibrr helped to research and analyse the best media placements to select the ones that would be a perfect fit for the targeted candidates of the competition. As these targeted candidates are mostly students, we identified several media outlets that would be a common platform for Gen Zs to obtain information about UFLL. We studied the demography and engagement rate of each medium to ensure that the information would be successfully distributed. However, identifying the right channel was not the limit to our involvement. Kalibrr also developed and helped convey the press release in a Gen Z-friendly style that resonated with their characteristics.

As a result, we reached out to Campuspedia and Kumparan as the primary channels to approach Unilever’s audience. We received more than 3,000 clicks across the two outlets, which impacted on the high volume of applications UFLL received. Not only did we gain success from these two outlets alone, but other top tier media like Kompas and Kontan also covered the press release organically, thus further widening UFLL’s exposure.

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